Dec 172004

My work holiday party was last night. It was pretty cool, my fifth one with this company. As I was driving the babysitter home after the party, we almost got hit by some pigfucker in an SUV. We were about 25-50 feet from from the the light at Burleson and Oltorf coming from the south when the aforementioned SUV turned from heading west on Oltorf to go south on Burleson. The problem was that he was in our lane heading straight for us instead of staying on his side of the double yellow line. I stopped, honked at him and gave him the “what the hell are you doing?” look. He looked slightly surprised, corrected to his lane and then ACCELERATED!??!

I didn’t get a chance to catch the guy’s license plate, but I wish there was a way to sick The Man on someone like that. I suppose I should’ve followed him and called it in. I remember seeing something on T.V. once about a guy who would drive around with a video camera mounted on his dashboard. If he spotted someone driving erratically, he’d call the cops on his cell phone, follow them at a safe distance and film it. That’s a little extreme, but it’d be nice if there were a way to get a police response on something like this quick enough to catch the guy. Part of me is sympathetic to that idiot driver. I’ve had nights where I probably shouldn’t have been driving (last night was NOT one of them), but as soon as you do something that endangers other people, all bets are off. Russell had a post earlier this week that was somewhat related.

Within a couple miles of the SUV incident, we passed two different people pulled over with cops behind them, flashing lights and all. I didn’t see any field sobriety tests being administered. If you’re going out late over the next couple of weeks, you’ll want to be extra careful. You hear it every year, but it’s no bullshit.

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