Mar 142005

I just got back from the Austin Metblogging meetup. Unfortunately, I was the only Austin Metblogger who made it. I think the other Austinites are contending with the same things we are: out-of-town guests, enjoying the amazing weather or hibernating until this whole SXSW thing blows over.

In addition to Sean, who we met last night and dragged to Ruta Maya for a drink before turning in, I got to meet Lauren and Matt from Chicago, Nicole from San Francisco and Hesam from Houston. Everyone was very cool.

The family and I were a little late to the meetup because I didn’t expect a massive jam up on Lamar heading south over the town lake bridge. I don’t if it was just the kite festival or if there was something else going on at Palmer/Auditorium Shores. I managed to scoot over to South First and meet everyone reasonably on time at Bouldin Creek Coffeehouse.

Here’s a couple of shots of Sean and Nicole geeking out over his Treo 650.

Sean and the object of his affection

Sean and Nicole

All in all, a great day to be out and about even for Austin. The La held up amazingly well today considering all of the places we dragged her.

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