Oct 022006

It’s vile. It’s more sad than anything else, to see someone with such potential throw it all down the drain because of a sexual addiction.

Rep. Mark Foley, R-West Palm Beach in September 1998, soon after the release of the Starr report on the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal (St. Petersburg Times).

Yes, that Mark Foley.

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Sep 132006

There were tons of opinions and articles written over the last week to coincide with the 5 year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. I posted something of my own on the Austin Metblog. My del.icio.us posting setup does a decent job of echoing links now, so I’d like to try and avoid that, but here’s the best of what I saw this past week.

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Aug 242006

The Wall Street Journal has an article out today about a new trend in wedding entertainment (here’s an accessible version). Couples are foregoing DJs and either buying or renting an iPod to use during the reception. I did this at our wedding in 2001. I bought a Nomad Jukebox, the hot mp3 player at the time (iPods didn’t exist yet), and loaded it up with songs for both the ceremony and the reception. We played it through the hotel’s sound system. I still have the Nomad, although I haven’t used it much in the last several years. It’s roughly the size of a portable CD player. I figured the cost of the mp3 player was less than the DJ, I could pick the songs and I’d still have the mp3 player once it was all over. If only the skimping on the photographer had worked as well.

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Jul 242006

I heard this story on Morning Edition this morning as I was driving my own kids to summer camp and daycare. This afternoon, I ran across a similar story on CNN. Clearly, the two stories are about the same family, but the names don’t match and neither do the ages. It’s minor, but I’m wondering now who’s correct and who didn’t fact check?

It’s a horrible story no matter who’s got it right. I’m certainly not qualified to get into a foreign policy debate, but it seems to me that this is just an endless spiral of retaliation that won’t end until one side or the other decides they’ve had enough. No one is blameless. I can’t side with the Israelis. I can’t side with Hezbollah or Iran or Syria. I’ll side with the family whose car got bombed. Un-fucking-believable.
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Jul 192006

I tried to post this yesterday when I saw it, but Dreamhost has been having some serious issues over the last couple of days. Let’s hope they’ve got it sorted out.

This story reminded me of a trip to NYC for my uncle’s wedding when I was 9. We were staying in a hotel somewhere in midtown Manhattan. Probably bored, at one point I decided to survey the contents of all of the drawers in the room. One of the drawers in a nightstand by the bed yielded two small individually wrapped items of dubious origin. I had a pretty good idea of what they were and opened one up out of curiosity. Not knowing anything about lubrication, I did not expect the contents to be wet and slimy. I was completely grossed out. I immediately threw it into the trash and washed my hands, deciding not to mention my discovery to anyone else. It never occurred to me to put it in my mouth. The article doesn’t say, but I guess the girl thought it was a balloon? Ew.

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Jun 072006

Sepia Mutiny is a great group blog with a focus on everything desi, but at least every few days, they come up with a really good post that speaks to a wider audience. Today, they’ve got a post focusing on an article in Newsweek by Fareed Zakaria, who’s a frequent guest on The Daily Show. The article’s a good read in itself, but abhi of Sepia Mutiny pulls in some other relevant articles and commentary. Good stuff.

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May 172006

I posted last week that it appear that AG Gonzales lied at his NSA hearings. Well, this week, Wolf Blitzer asked him about his grandparents, three out of four of whom were born in Mexico, and wanted to know if they were legally documented when they came to the U.S.. Gonzales’s answer?

You know, it’s unclear. It’s unclear. And I’ve looked at this issue, I’ve talked to my parents about it, and it’s just not clear.

Yeah, right. What a load of shit. He doesn’t know how his grandparents got here. Let’s have a quick poll. How many people in whole goddamn country who’re still in contact with their family don’t know how their parents, grandparents or great-grandparents arrived in the U.S.? I’m guessing it’s almost no one. Hell, my mother was adopted and only recently found her birth mother. I had an excuse for half of my family until recently and now even I fucking know. If Gonzales had any shred of honesty, he’d admit that they were illegal and then use that to speak about how he’s glad that we’re addressing the reasons why they did so. And if they weren’t illegal, they why the fuck wouldn’t he just say so? What a douche.

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May 112006

The “Internets” are abuzz with new revelations about NSA snooping and then there’s this story about the government abruptly ending a probe into the first revelation of NSA snooping. And, of course, Bushie has nominated the guy who was in charge at the NSA to head the CIA.

Let me be clear. I’m not willing to allow the NSA in cahoots with AT&T and most of the other telecom companies to break the law and make 1984 a reality to protect me from the remote possibility that a wacko terrorist might try to off me. This does not mean that I’m “for the terrorists”. It means that I’m not willing to make a massive trade-off in civil liberties and trust an administration that’s done nothing to warrant it that they won’t use the information for other purposes. Don’t make me pull out the classic Hermann Goering quote.

Update: Looks like AG Gonzales lied about the NSA program. Good thing he refused to testify under oath.

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Apr 242006

Been to Ramadi lately? Marines there have to run whereever they go to avoid being sniped. The really great part is that running puts them in danger of stepping on pressure plate triggered bombs. This last bit conveys it all pretty well.

Cpl. Scott R. Gibson, 22, of Carlisle, Pennsylvania, said his platoon had started off walking during their first patrol in the city last month, worrying about pressure-plate bombs that explode when stepped on.

They soon came under a hail of gunfire.

“After that, we started running,” Gibson said. “We can’t stand still here too long.”


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