Dec 242006

We finally sent the Xmas cards out early this afternoon. There are a few stragglers, but the majority are on their way. We’re staying in Austin for the holidays this year. The Wife’s parents, brother and my sister are in town. No big plans for tomorrow, so we’ll take the lazy Sunday at home as well.

We did the Trail of Lights last Sunday. Last Saturday was the big birthday show at Beerland. Mine was that day and Bob’s was Tuesday. I played with Victims of Leisure and then with Bad Rackets. Sons of Hercules closed the show. We were supposed to share each other’s equipment, but Oltorf Music Lab decided to close at 6pm, leaving them without any guitars or amps. It was the second Victims show and went really well. I’m hoping we do another one soon. The Bad Rackets gigs are always fun. We played a couple of new ones and I sang (well, yelled somewhat in tune) on a Mono Men cover, “Watch Outside”. The Wife and I ate at Habana Calle 6 beforehand. I had the cuban sandwich and The Wife had Ropa Vieja. We’d never eaten there. It was pretty good. The food was served very quickly and it was pretty busy. Stubb’s, our first choice, was closed to all restaurant business for a holiday party.

The Bad Rackets got a little publicity this week (scroll about 1/2 way down the page) in the Austin Chronicle.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday.

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