Jul 072010



I’ve really been trying to pay more attention and not miss moments with this last kid, but it seems to have gone by even faster than I thought it would. It’s inevitable that your perception of time changes as you grow older. I just didn’t think I’d experience it so soon.

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  1. Loved your blog reporting on ACL and John Legends taping – also noticed you wrote about the new KLRU/PBS Austin City Limits 35th anniversary Photo book – photos by Scott –

    Thought you might like to blog on another book -“Music In the Kitchen” Favorite Recipes from Austin City Limits Performers – by Glenda Pierce Facemire/author published last year 2009 – University Of Texas Press. Also, Ive been the Head Makeup Artist of Austin City Limits 21 years. yep that long! go to my web site and click on the book – http://www.glendafacemire.com
    it will take you to the cookbook/artists page. Thanks – send me a copy!
    Fun cookbook!!!

    Look forward to your blogs.

    Besides all the musicians – It cooks!

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