Jun 192006

I ran across three sites with either a photo or a social component today that I’ve flagged for further investigation:

  • Riya – appears to promise private advanced photo searching. I’ll need to see what I have to give up to use it.
  • Zooomr – a rival to flickr, plugged by Thomas Hawk, photographer rights activist and flickr power user, who apparently is now working for Zooomr
  • Mog – some sort of social networking/music site. Remains to be seen if there’s much there. Pandora was like crack for a while, but it ultimately bored me. It had some social aspects, but was more about the music player.
  • Vox – seems to be somewhere between LiveJournal and Moveable Type (owned by them as well, btw). It’s invite only at the moment.

[tags]mog, zooomr, pandora, vox, riya, web2.0, socialnetworking, photos, music[/tags]

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