Nov 012006

There’re quite a few posts on security screening and its shortcomings over the past week or so, which prompted me to do a little round-up:
Bruce Schneier and Xeni at BoingBoing have posts about the poor performance of security screeners at Newark airport. My relatives just went through that airport on their way back from here. The also had stories of a run-in with an overly zealous screener in Midland.

Then there’s another BoingBoing article about a mouthbreathing screener in New Zealand who wouldn’t allow a passenger to bring on his clearly marked insulin, causing the passenger to go into DKA and require hospitalization.

These reminded me of a Scott Adams post about dangerous containers. And if you haven’t already heard about it, check out his post about how he cured himself of Spasmodic Dysphonia. You should read Scott’s blog because he’s a political genius and because this last run of Dilbert strips was hilarious.

And don’t forget your Kip Hawley Is An Idiot baggie when you’re on your way through screening so you can test the War on Free Speech as well.

P.S. I totally forgot the part where I make this all about me…because everyone knows that’s all that matters. The most important casualty in the War on Moisture is that I can no longer get relatives (mainly my sister) to smuggle bottles of Stone Pale Ale, Ruination or other special flavors that I can’t get deep in the heart of Texas in carry-on luggage when they happen to be in more enlightened parts of the country. Damn you, Greg Koch! Distribute all of your highly addictive products in Austin! Stat!

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