Mar 282023

The implosion of Twitter since ElMu took over has been pretty epic. I had set a deadline for myself of March 19 to move off since that was the day they decided to force us to switch off of SMS 2FA. I was getting prompted frequently in the Twitter app. I’ve been pulling up Mastodon side-by-side with Twitter to try to add people in Mastodon (my Mastodon user name is in my Twitter profile). It’s a slow process. Mark Cathcart pointed out correctly that Mastodon is not a sure thing since you’re at the mercy of the owner of the server that your data resides. I need to look into that some more. It’s another reason I haven’t completely left Twitter. The death of 3rd party API access to Twitter has meant that Tweetbot is dead and that was a big reason I still used Twitter. It was light years better than the Twitter mobile app. Tapbots has created a mobile app for Mastodon called Ivory, but it’s a subscription model that I had avoided with Tweetbot by staying on an older version prior to the subscription model. I’m basically straddling both apps right now for all of these reasons. I joined Twitter during SXSW 2006 and had a pretty good experience even now which I attribute to curating a good list of people to follow from early on and then ignoring the algorithm tabs like “For You”. I end up picking “Following” on Twitter and Instagram to just see the people I follow and not the bullshit the algorithm picks for me. I’m really getting fed up with Instagram. I’m closer to bailing there than Twitter. But so many businesses use it as a platform for notifications that it’s hard to quit it completely.

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  1. Mastodon makes me a little crazy, but I’m there. I feel like every day I’m closer to deleting all my accounts. Which is silly because I still have my job as a social media person.

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