May 312013

I’m somewhere between San Diego and Austin flying back from a business trip. It’s the last day of May. School is about to end for the kids. It’s a time or change and Spring cleaning. We’ve been doing a lot of purging and cleaning around the house. Now it’s time to purge the bits.

I just deactivated my Facebook account and deleted the app off of my phone. I’ve been meaning to do this for months and decided that it was just time to kick myself in the ass and do it. The last straw was the targeted Mother’s Day ad that I got with my mom’s picture embedded in it. I know that’s the sort of thing that they’ve been trending towards, but it wasn’t until it was staring me in the face that I really grasped how much that bothers me. They’re constantly altering the privacy settings in a way that also bugs me.

I’ve also been bothered by the ease of it. It keeps me from really interacting and writing longer posts. I’m checking it too often instead of actually doing something or interacting with family and friends. I’m hoping to see friends follow me to Path or Twitter or just stick with good old email or phone. I’ll miss out on some of the interaction, but the benefits definitely outweigh the drawbacks. So…hope to see you here or elsewhere.