Jun 152009

It’s just under 3 weeks until the arrival of the newest member of the family. We still haven’t completely settled on a name yet, but there are a few candidates. I’m kind of wanting to wait and see him before we make a final determination. If I understand correctly, you have until 5 days after the birth to file a birth certificate.

We’ve shifted into high gear with the preparations. We’ve got one more birth class tomorrow night. I put the crib together last night during that horrendous NBA Finals game between the Lakers and the Magic. I dislike both teams and it was a weak end to a lame series. The impending birth is lighting a fire under us to get rid of a lot of stuff and do some much needed deep cleaning around the house. Since we’re having him at home, we have to do some work sterilizing sheets, towels and clothing. We already have the birth kit. We’re using the same midwife this time that we used for our second child.

The City of Austin is back to do tree trimming for the power lines in our neighborhood.  It’s been 7 years since their last visit when we stupidly fought them on removing several of our hackberry trees. Now, of course, we want them to take them all and they’re refusing to take one of them.

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  1. Good luck! Let us know if you need anything.

  2. Hello. This is very random but please read what I have to say, I’m looking for some information.

    I was searching google for information regarding a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert poster I have and your Flickr account came up because you have a ticket stub from the exact same show my poster was promoting. September 30 in Houston and October 1, 1989 at the “Opera House” in Austin with Mary’s Danish and Sprawl. I cannot find another copy of this awesome poster anywhere but have managed to find similar posters from the same tour with very close dates. Do you know anything about this poster, i.e. what it might be worth (the posters from surrounding dates are in the $100-125 range).

    I am not going to sell it or anything, just a curious fan who found it at a local record store (Oklahoma) for a price in the single digits. Please, at least contact me via email letting me know that you got this message and any thoughts you might have.


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