Jul 022004

It appears that Howard Stern will return to the Austin airwaves on July 19th when Infinity puts him on in nine markets, some of which include those from which Clear Channel dropped him.

It looks like he’s going to be on 104.3 FM, which seems kind of odd given that it’s a hip-hop format, but the other local Infinity-owned stations aren’t really much more compatible. I enjoy a little Howard now and then. He was on the air here around the time that the film version of Private Parts came out. It’ll be a good counterbalance to my current morning drive diversion. I wonder how Mr. Dudley feels about Mr. Stern’s return?

On another local radio note, The Bloody Tears will be on Eklektikos tomorrow just after noon. I used to play with a lot of the guys in that band before I hung up my sticks to become Dad™.

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