Jul 222004

To those exiting Quarry Oaks to Braker Ln:

The red, octagonal shape with the white writing on it is called a stop sign. If I’m not mistaken, in order to get your driver’s license, you learned that sign means that you need to stop in front of it and check traffic before proceeding. Stop signs are generally there for a reason. In this case, cars entering the office complex from busy Braker Lane need to be able to proceed unimpeded into the complex so that cars don’t back up into the road, possibly causing an accident. By not stopping, you are introducing the possibility of a second accident with those entering who are under the apparently mistaken assumption that their fellow drivers will obey the most common and basic traffic signs.

I apologize in advance to the next person who fails to obey the stop sign and might not have had a chance to read this letter. I’m probably not going to be very polite to you. See what you get for not reading my web site?

 Posted by on July 22, 2004 at 5:44 pm

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