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  1. I’d love to see that Kubrick film. It would be fun to do a double feature of The Making of the Shining and Hearts of Darkness (the documentary by Coppola’s wife about the making of Apocalypse Now).

  2. […] and his busting of some of the myths about the film in the course of researching the book. I have previously posted a link to the film that Kubrick’s daughter made during the making of the Shining. I remember seeing […]

  3. I saw Hearts of Darkness in the theater when it was released. It was at the Village on Anderson when it was Village Cinema Art, many moons before Alamo Drafthouse was a thing and obviously before they bought it. That does sound like a good double feature. I didn’t remember this comment until I pingback’d my own post. Hello from 16 years later.

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