Apr 222014

Chobani Blueberry PowerI’ve publicly announced my love of the Chobani Blueberry Power Flip yogurt in the past. You can imagine my confusion when I bought some this week only to find that they’d replaced the hemp seeds with pumpkin and sunflower seeds. I started to wonder about the reason for the substitution. So I did what any person with a burning and important question does these days. I googled it!

This quickly revealed the reason for my loss: The Air Force! Yes, just because the United States Air Force is worried about trace amounts of THC, Chobani voluntarily removed hemp seeds from their Blueberry Flip yogurt. According to the Air Force, the number of active duty members is somewhere around 327,000. The US Census approximates the number of US residents at nearly 318,000,000. So, Chobani has decided that one one-thousandth of the US population gets to decide what the rest of us can or can’t have in our yogurt.

Thanks, Air Force!

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