Feb 092007

I just read an awesome article by Bruce Eckel, author of Thinking in Java, about Java, Javascript, AJAX and Flex among other things. It’s really about how to write web applications in general. Bruce has been around since the beginning. I remember downloading the first edition of Thinking In Java way back when. He was one of the first authors I remember that provided his book in electronic form for free.
This quote jumped out at me:

And more and more often, when I use web applications like GMail, my “control-c” copy operation stops working. It could be Windows, Firefox, JavaScript or something else but it seems to be associated with web apps and it’s been happening for at least a year. And frankly I don’t care why it’s happening, and neither does any other consumer. When things this simple are broken, the outlook is not promising.

I’ve noticed this as well and hadn’t spent the time narrowing it down to blame GMail. Anyway, I haven’t had much exposure to Flex and my experience with Flash was the same as his originally. Cost was a big barrier to entry. Apparently, that’s no longer the case. Time to take a look at Flex, I think. Where the hell have I been?

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