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Letting del.icio.us autopost my links for the day has turned this into a bookmark blog. It wouldn’t be so bad if I’d actually post something here once in a while. I’ve been channelling most of my blogging energy over at the Austin Metblog. I resurrected the sidebars that show what I’m currently reading, listening to, watching. I’m using the AMM plug-in for that. It’s pretty sweet. I never did port over the comments from the old blog. I may get around to that this weekend. There are at least three or four other projects that I’ve started, but never finished.

I’ve been spending a lot of time with my new obsession, Rescue Me. I think I blew it off originally because I thought it was going to focus too much on 9/11. I probably also dismissed it because Denis Leary has had so many failed TV shows. I’ve always found his stand-up a mediocre substitute for Bill Hicks. However, the show is amazing. It’s funny. It doesn’t pull any punches. All of the characters are flawed, but you are drawn in by them. The second season finale is what grabbed me and then the new season has kept me. I picked up the first two seasons on DVD a couple of weeks ago from Target. They were a steal at $19.99.

Home life has been filled mostly with finishing the bathroom remodel that began at the end of March. Now that it’s actually finished, I intend to get a little before-after action going on Flickr. Look for that this weekend. We watched a lot of World Cup last month and mourned the Mavs loss in the NBA finals to the Heat.

My in-laws bought a house two blocks away and are in the process of remodeling that. It appears they’ll move here in September or October if nothing changes. The Boy has various summer camps this month.

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  1. Nice of you to post something “real” for a change. I’ve found FeedRinse to be an excelent tool for filtering out your del.icio.us posts. 😛

  2. “Rescue Me” is really quite an excellent show. I think the title turned me off to the show, so it was a welcome surprise when I “discovered” it this summer. Of course, I haven’t had a TV for the past few years, so I missed out on a lot of network cross-promotion watching TV via BitTorrent.

    Some of the plot turns seem a little implausible and I don’t think Leary is much of an actor, but what strikes me about the show is that the characters seem psychologically real. They seem like people I’ve known in my own life, and I understand why they behave they way they do.

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