Sep 202004

The reviews of this year’s ACL Festival are appearing on the blogs of various friends. I’ll have a more proper review with a picture or two up tonight along with some shots of the kids in the login required section of the site.

The common complaint this year seems to be that there were just too many people. One side effect of the number of people, estimated at about 70,000 each day of the three day festival, was that it was virtually impossible to call another person at the festival via cell phone. I tried several times only to get a busy signal or a voice mail message that was never delivered. Frustrated that I couldn’t contact friends to meet up at a particular location, I switched to text or SMS messaging and discovered what thousands of japanese schoolgirls already know. Text messaging is fairly easy with a T9 phone and pretty damn reliable. I was able to text back and forth and meet up with R. several times throughout the weekend. People in the U.S. don’t seem to have gotten the hang of this feature that’s generally included with most phones and phone plans these days. So, my message to the ACL 2005 Festival-goers: Text, baby! Text!

Of course, I did run into some problems of my own. The Wife supposedly has text messaging enabled for her phone, but she wasn’t able to send at the festival and I tested sending messages from her phone to mine back at the house on Saturday without any luck. Guess I’ll be calling AT&T sometime this week to get it sorted out along with why she doesn’t get a indicator when she has voicemail.

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