Jul 162023

My dad passed away on Valentine’s Day this year. There’s a lot wrapped up in that but one of the results of it was that I’ve inherited his 2010 Honda Civic Si since it’s a manual transmission and I’m the only one in the family who’s got experience with one. It was fortuitous though as we were going to get my daughter a car for college so this meant that I could let her take my car and I’d take my dad’s. Other than finding out that I needed to completely replace the AC system, I’ve also missed the Sirius XM that I had in my car. 2010 is the year before hands free (bluetooth) and satellite radio became more standard issue in all cars. I’m also missing the hands free. ANYWAY, my point is that I’m back to listening to KUT a lot more again. In particular, the Sunday lineup is pretty good. Last month….or maybe it was May, there was a great story on This American Life about Phantom of the Opera musicians and then a really interesting series on COVID tracking and the Fed’s response to the early pandemic on Reveal. Part of the reason for this post is my blog is one of my many electronic memory / brain supplements.

 Posted by on July 16, 2023 at 4:33 pm