Paul Tatara Movie Review Database

Welcome to the former home of the searchable database of reviews and editorials by Paul Tatara (TNT bio).

He's written reviews and opinion pieces for CNN, Salon, and the now-defunct GoodAuthority and Pulse. Paul called it quits with CNN in June of 2002. Here's an interview with him from October of 2002 on Flak Magazine. After a few years of Internet obscurity, Paul began writing for the Turner empire, both TNT and TCM, and did some stuff for WebMD. In September of 2007, he started his own site called Wall of Paul. He can also be found on doing periodic product reviews.

I must acknowledge the work of Whitney who was the first to collect links to his reviews in one place. I used her links as a jumping off point for a searchable interface to his reviews.

Paul Tatara wrote and reviewed films on his own site, Wall of Paul starting in 2007 and the archive moved to that site as of January 2009. He stopped writing there in July of 2011 and the site no longer exists. I may one day resurrect the archive here.

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