Feb 062007

I didn’t have too much invested in this year’s game. I rarely do. I was pushing for the Bears since they were underdogs, had two recent UT alums (Vasher and Benson), and I think Peyton Manning is way overexposed. Apparently, neither team plays well in the rain. I’m no football aficionado, but Rex threw up some serious lame duck passes, even I might’ve been able to intercept a few of them.

The highlight was definitely the halftime show. Prince was great. The silhouetted image of the Purple One with his symbol guitar or as Defamer put it “a twenty foot demon schlong” certainly trumps Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction of a few years ago; the only time I wished that I was Justin Timberlake. The sound during Prince’s performance was terrible. His guitar was alternatingly too loud and too quiet. The Boy was impressed with the sound he got from the Stratocaster. He assumed it was the guitar itself that accounted for the genius sound coming out of it, a mistake of many a rock novice. He’ll learn. Time to break out some Prince and Hendrix to continue his education. I was pleasantly surprised that he chose to weave the Foo Fighter’s “Best of You” into the medley although I’m curious what made him choose it. I still regret missing the chance to see Prince in high school. I think I was supposed to go with Joe C. and he got sick. I can’t remember why I just didn’t go myself.

Update (2007.02.07): Duh. I thought of this right after I posted, but didn’t get a chance to update until now. Foo Fighters covered “Darling Nikki” on the tour before the last one. I think I have an mp3 somewhere and I know 101X has played it before. I’d still like to know if Dave Grohl or another member of the band actually talked to Prince about it though. That’d be cool.

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Feb 012007

Sean posted his top films of 2006, following on a post from Kevin Smith. This is interesting for me because it highlights how few films I now get a chance to see in a year. I won’t reprint the whole list of films released since both of them did that. Here’s what I saw:


Only 9 films from last year. Three of them were kid films that I probably wouldn’t have watched if I didn’t have kids. CARS was by far the lamest Pixar film to date. CURIOUS GEORGE was inoffensive and the only reason we watched HOW TO EAT FRIED WORMS was because it was filmed at my son’s school (It was also my first On Demand purchase from Time Warner. I’ll be doing a lot more of that in the future.). LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE was the only other one that I didn’t see in the theater. It’s great. I highly recommend it. CLERKS II was fun, a very respectable sequel, especially if you liked the first one. THE DESCENT was a good horror film, but make sure you see it with the original ending. The one that the used in the US release ruins the whole movie. AMERICAN HARDCORE was a pretty good documentary. I would’ve liked to see at least one of the Big Boys in there, but oh well. JACKASS NUMBER 2 was hilarious, just like the first one. I watched that one at Alamo Drafthouse, the only place to watch Jackass movies. And, lastly, PAN’S LABYRINTH was very good (I posted on the metblog after seeing it). Check out DEVIL’S BACKBONE on video.

I’d like to see:


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Jan 202007

The Boy was at a friend’s house this week. The kid, who we’ll call Luigi, is nearly two years older. They both ran up to me when I arrived to pick him up, telling me that I *had* to hear this song. They had the video for it pulled up on Google Video (When are they going to integrate that with YouTube? they’re the same company after all). The song? “Amish Paradise” by Weird Al Yankovic. I suppose it was only a matter of time, since The Boy’s right in Weird Al’s demographic. I told them I’d heard it (more than a few times) and that it’s a parody of Coolio’s “Gangster’s Paradise” (from that laughable movie, Dangerous Minds, with Michele Pfeiffer). After explaining what a parody was, I double-checked and realized that the parody is nearly 11 years old and so is the original. BTW, both songs are reworkings of Stevie Wonder’s “Pastime Paradise”. I’m old.

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Nov 282006

This classic airs tonight at 7pm CST on ABC. Morning Edition had a story this morning focusing on Vince Guaraldi, the pianist and composer behind the music in the special. From the “Related NPR Stories” section, it looks like they do some sort of story related to this special every December. It’s certainly a prominent holiday memory for me, even though it had already been around for at least 6 or 7 years before I first saw it. We’ve got a cold front coming later this week, so maybe I’ll start to feel some of that holiday spirit between this and the KUT Holiday Sing-along this Saturday.

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Nov 262006

I wrote part of this post several weeks ago, meaning to finish it then, but ended up just adding to it.

I’ve mentioned this before, but these days, I almost never watch network television. I could care less that the “new fall season” has begun. Does that even mean anything anymore? With the shows being produced by the cable networks, there’s almost always a new season starting and another one ending throughout the year. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the shows that have been permanent residents on the DVR over the past year or so.

Henry Rollins Show – IFC – The first season of 20 episodes ran over the last several months. It’s a great show with combinations of Rollins spoken word, an interview and a musical performance. Some of the transitions are a little silly, but the content is solid. Was Johnny Knoxville drunk during his interview? I hope it gets picked up for another season.

No Reservations – Travel Channel – Anthony Bourdain’s travel/foodie show. I love Bourdain. He’s no bullshit and this year’s “Bourdain in Beirut” chronicling the week he spent stuck in Lebanon during the Israeli air strikes earlier this summer along with the Ferron Adria episode make this an even more amazing show.

Rescue Me – F/X – The third season just finished. I loved the first two and this one had it’s moments. The season finale appears to end it all, but there’s apparently a fourth season. I’m not sure it really should go on much longer as they seemed to be struggling at the end of this season. We’ll see how it goes. Still one of the better shows out there.

First 48 – A&E – I have a real love/hate relationship with cops. If I had to choose another career, homicide detective or forensic pathologist would probably be high on the list.

Little People, Big World – TLC – I can’t really explain why I like this show, but I do. We watch it religiously.

Battlestar Galactica – Sci-Fi – The updating and adaptation of one of my favorite childhood shows has been pulled off with a fair amount of skill. It’s not perfect, but it’s still one of the better shows on television.
Kidnapped – NBC – They canceled it several weeks ago. I found out a week after they started doing it that they would show the remaining episodes that had already been completed on their website. I didn’t like the show enough to schedule time in front of the computer each week to finish it out…another reason to get off my ass and get a media PC going downstairs and hook it up to the TV.

Ultimate Fighter – Spike TV – I got taken in by this show and UFC in general about 18 months ago. It’s still holding my interest for now.

I find myself watching some of the trainwrecks on E! like Girls Next Door and Dr. 90210, simply because they’re so far outside anyone else’s reality, I’m not sure if they could be called reality t.v., but that’s the case with most of them, right?

Surfing around the last night, we caught a couple of good shows. Before the Dinosaurs aired at 8pm on Discovery Channel. It did a good job of showing evolution and climate change and anchoring it in both a time and place with various animals in the T-Rex: New Science, New Beast After that, A&E re-ran Star Wars: Empire of Dreams last night, which is on the trilogy DVDs released in 2004 (yes, those were the ‘special edition’ versions and I bought them…don’t get me started on that) . I couldn’t help but watch most of it. I also caught The Kennedy Assassination: Beyond Conspiracy on the History Channel, an ABC News special report from 2003. I already knew the basic story and the tripe that Oliver Stone introduced with JFK in 1991, but this documentary revealed some other things that I never knew. It’s well worth a watch and specifically addresses many of the problems in Stone’s film.

The T.V. obsession today isn’t surprising; except for a run to Krispy Kreme this morning and some trips to the trash can and recycle bin (overflowing after the holiday), I haven’t left the house since Wednesday afternoon.

Aug 172006

I checked out The Descent on Tuesday night with a few friends. I’d heard a lot of good stuff about it both from the media and people whose opinions I trust. I was a huge horror movie fan in the 80’s and saw most of what came out, both good and bad. Over the last 10 years, there have been two or three horror movies that have gotten as much good word of mouth. One was Blair Witch Project, which, when I ultimately saw it on video, was extremely disappointing. It was a classic example of expectations being pumped so high that there was no hope that I would ever like it. The second was High Tension, which is much more satisfying.

The Descent managed to mostly live up to its hype, but not without viewing the extra minute that was cut for the American theatrical release. Apparently, domestic test audiences reacted poorly to the original ending, so they cut it. Thanks, dumbasses. As others have pointed out, the loss of that minute guts one of the subplots and removes some of the depth of the movie. Maybe I’m getting old, but the fast cut style seen in many recent movies and used during some of the more intense sequences in this film really annoyed me.

I’m not sure what to make of the fact that the two better horror films of the last ten years were made in Europe (The Descent is British and High Tension is French).

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Aug 082006

Somebody must think my blog is a depressing read because I’m getting completely hammered with spam for an antidepressant that rhymes with “smell boot trim” over the past 24 hours. I’m not the only one having this problem as David Sifry’s latest State of the Blogosphere says that 70% of the pings that Technorati receives are from known spam sources.

Janet Jackson is still hawt. I had a bit of thing for her on Good Times and Different Strokes. I think my infatuation reached it’s peak around the time “Anytime, Anyplace” was released. I was living in NYC at the time.

Speaking of NYC, JMG posted about rents there today. I had a one room apartment in the East Village for $800/month and it was a dump. I imagine it’s probably doubled by now.

The Internets are full of tributes to Love frontman Arthur Lee who died last week. Where the hell have I been? I don’t think I’ve ever even heard of this band and neither had The Wife. We consider ourselves fairly saavy. Why didn’t anyone tell us? Bastards.

New Rescue Me tonight. Season three is drawing to a close and the show still doesn’t disappoint. The opening sequence last week was awesome. Fire plus apartment marijuana growing operation equals stoned firefighters and ensuing hilarity. I’m sure that must’ve actually happened at some point although the smell should’ve been enough of a clue to don the respirators.

I watched Zathura on Sunday night with the kids. There’s lots to recommend it. I’d kill to have the house in the film. The set design is excellent. Several funny lines from both kids. I had a hard time separating Dax from his Punk’d persona and I’m inclined to like almost anything Tim Robbins does. I liked it better than Jumani, the other Chris Van Allsburg book I’ve seen adapted to film. I never saw Polar Express. Plus, Peter Billingsley, aka Ralphie from A Christmas Story was a co-producer on the film. How could you not like that? And as a completely random aside to see if Scott H. is reading this, any idea why Peter Billingsley got a “thanks” credit on Mysterious Skin?

P.S. This is a personal best for most IMDB links in a single post.

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Jun 202006

I saw a blurb on Defamer several months ago that Michael Eisner is hosting a talk show on CNBC (Channel 50 or 360 on Time Warner Austin, depending if you’re analog or digital), an interesting choice for a channel that’s essentially a glorified stock ticker. Anyway, the episode that airs tonight has Eisner laying the smackdown on Pat Robertson. Suicidegirls has the details. It’ll be worth checking out as a lead-in for the Mavs to prove that they pwn the Heat.

Go Mavs!

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